Delaware River Deepening Update: January 2013

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Project Scope
  • Increase Delaware River federal navigation channel from 40-foot to 45-foot(+2)
  • It will follow 40ft channel alignment of 102.5 miles to Philadelphia and Camden to deepwater in the Delaware Bat
  • Current Project Cost: $303 Million dollars
  • Non-Federal Sponsor- (35% cost share): Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
  • Federal Share (65% cost Share): US Army Corps of Engineers
  • Construction scheduled to be completed in 2016

Project Timeline
  • Reach C on September 2010
  • Lower Portion of Reach B January 2012
  • Reach A- December 2012

Ongoing FY-2013

  • Reach D- Scheduled to be completed April 2013
  • Lower Reach E- Start late FY 2013, with completion in FY 2014

FY 2014

  • Lower Reach E
  • Reach AA

FY 2015

  • Complete Balance of Reaches A&B
  • Reach B- Initiate Rock Removal

FY 2016

  • Rock B- Complete Rock Removal
  • Marcus Hook Anchorage
  • Upper Reach E (Kelly Island) State of Delaware