Riverside Renewable Energy

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Riverside Renewable Energy

About Riverside Renewable Energy

  • Riverside Renewable Energy is an energy company located in Gloucester City, New Jersey
  • All of the electricity generated by Riverside Renewable Energy is 100% Solar Energy.
  • It is the largest rooftop solar array in North America!

Facility Scope

  • The Riverside Renewable Energy solar facility has a capacity of 9 mega watts creating 11 million kilowatthours of renewable energy annually
  • How many photovoltaic solar panels do you need to cover 23 FOOTBALL FIELDS?
    • They cover 1.1 MILLION square feet of rooftop space

Benefits to the Environment

  • Capturing 9 Mega Watts of clean energy is the yearly equivalent to:
    • Eliminating 16 MILLION pounds of CO2 emissions from the atmosphere
    • Removing 1,200 cars from our streets and highways
    • Enough energy to power 1,500 homes
    • Planting 400,000 trees (2,300 acres)